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Upcoming Event

Sunday, October 9 | 6:00pm

Jazz Urbane at Darryl's Corner Bar & Kitchen

Featuring Joey Blake

Upcoming Event

Sunday, October 2 | 6:00pm

Jazz Urbane at Darryl's Corner Bar & Kitchen

Featuring Ron Reid

Upcoming Event

October 30 | 4:00pm

Jazz Urbane at Boston ICA

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Upcoming Event

Sunday, October 16 | 6:00pm

Jazz Urbane at Darryl's Corner Bar & Kitchen

Featuring Anibal Cruz

Upcoming Event

Sunday, October 23 | 6:00pm

Jazz Urbane at Darryl's Corner Bar & Kitchen

Featuring Zahili Gonzalez Zamora



Jazz Urbane Cafe is a new arts and restaurant venture planned to launch soon in Boston’s Nubian Square neighborhood. Jazz Urbane Cafe will be an urban arts venue that spotlights local and national artists who define and celebrate the diverse cultural traditions that make Boston a unique and global city. Complementing our performance series will be an exciting dining program designed to make the Cafe a full sensory experience.

Events + Updates

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On October 15th, 2021, we celebrated our new partnership with the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art (The ICA) with the “Jazz Urbane Cafe at the ICA,” a showcase intended to give attendees a taste of what is to come at the Cafe in 2022.


The evening featured Greg Groover, Jr., the Charles Overton Ensemble and the Imagine Orchestra, conducted by Dr. Bill Banfield. The performances also celebrated the releases of the new Bill Banfield's Jazz Urbane and Gregory Groover, Jr. albums.



Jazz Urbane Cafe’s sister company, Jazz Urbane Recordings, is a contemporary music label that embraces Jazz’s, R+B’s, Hip Hop’s and Classical’s powerful legacies. Check here for current album and playlist releases from the label! And, expect to see all of these wonderful artists on the Jazz Urbane Cafe stage.

Produced by Bill Banfield and Turahn Dorsey in collaboration with Joey Blake and Prince Charles Alexander, “Hey… Holla When You Hear Me,” like its 2014 predecessor “Playing With Other People’s Heads,” seamlessly blends contemporary styles, creating a powerful dialogue between genres and musical traditions. Every Bill Banfield album is an event because it brings together an incredible community of artists and this release does not disappoint.


“The Message: Negro Spiritual Songbook, Vol. 2.” this album builds on Gregory Groover Jr.'s independent 2018 EP (Vol. 1) and is his profound interpretation of Black America’s praise music through Jazz’s evolving language. What results is a radical theology that connects you to a higher power.

Jazz Urbane Recordings Playlists