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The Cafe will be an urban arts venue that spotlights the local and national artists who define and celebrate the diverse cultural traditions that make Boston a unique and global city.  Our arts program will consist of nightly musical performances from local artists on the Jazz Urbane Recordings label (the Cafe’s sister company) and across greater Boston.  Jazz Urbane Cafe will also offer other presentation modes - ranging from film screenings to dance to dramatic theater to multimedia installations - to provide a holistic presentation of form and expression.

Tastefully complementing our performance series will be an exciting culinary program designed to make the Cafe a full sensory experience.  Our dinner, lunch, catering and takeout menus will feature a fusion of global flavors with many ingredients sourced locally.  The commitment to unique, sensuous flavors made from many local ingredients will extend to the Cafe’s bar program where offerings will include craft spirits and beers and a wine selection curated to be approachable for casual wine drinkers and thrilling for wine lovers.

Finally, the Jazz Urbane Cafe is intended to be a community space and will be available for a variety of events. For smaller events, our private dining area will be available for reservation.

Stay tuned to our website for information on performance, menu and reservation details.

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The Jazz Urbane Cafe:
Community in the Round

Interior design concepts provided by STA Design in collaboration with Elyse Ayoung and 42 Architecture


The Jazz Urbane is a contemporary recording/performing collective which embraces and is infused with great R&B song writing, melodies, band grooves and style. Not really a “new movement”, just a new configuration of mindset/artistry. It is a “collaborative of artists”, a music that crosses several bridges.

First assembled in 1981 as The Bill Banfield Band, Jazz Urbane Recordings has since grown into a multi-faceted label representing nearly one dozen artists including Zahili Gonzalez Zamora, Joey Blake, Shana Tucker, Gregory Groover, Jr., and the Charles Overton Group among others. 

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"Arts save souls and lifts people by making life’s dreams seen, heard, felt and puts people in connected harmony. The most enduring outcomes of our exchanges are those that make real the meaning of life with people, the true measure of our human- ness, ..making you smile from deep within and causes you to hope, believe again...”

- Dr. Bill Banfield

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